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Meet the “been there done that” LSF Company. We help Architects and Builders build through Light Steel Framing Technology.

Headquartered in Delhi we are a construction company that has been growing exponentially ever since its inception. We are a part of the MGI Group, our sister company that has already achieved humongous success and has nearly established a monopoly in the LSF (LIGHT STEEL FRAME) construction industry in India. LSF Studio concentrates in strengthening the construction industry with LSF technology that would help India build Lighter, Stronger & Faster.

The LGSF construction is the technology of the modern century and has advantages that are hard to enumerate. All the developed countries of the world have already adopted this new form of construction.

→ Green Field Projects
→ Building Extensions
→ Pre Designed homes
→ Roofing Solutions

Advantages of LSF construction


We at LSF Studio are led by veterans who have pioneered introduction of LSF in India. We have complete solutions for Design, Manufacturing & Building through Light Steel Framing

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/ Solutions

We offer wide range of modular building solutions right from low cost accommodation and relief housing to luxury villas and restaurants.

01.  Green Field Projects

We provide solutions for green field projects and keep our promise in quality delivery of these big projects on time.

02.  Pre-designed Homes

We have a separate team of veterans who have more than 15 years of experience in making homes into dream homes.

03.  Building Extensions

We have another department specially made to cater to the needs of building expansions. Adding floors on existing floors is made easy by Light Steel Framing.

04.  Roofing Solutions

LSF Roofs are lighter enabling lesser dead weight on your entire structure. The steel used is corrosion free hands maintenance free in the places its most difficult.


/ Green Technology

The best part of Light Steel Framing is that it is completely green.

Faster Constructions

To build a simple house of 2000 sq ft, it takes 3 months of time for constructions.


Steel is the most recycled material and a house made of steel is a good investment.


A very sustainable technology because it is 100% eco-friendly and never hampers to the beauty of nature.




The best answer to all the questions is when you are reminded that Light Steel Framing Technology is been prominent ever since the days after World War II. Most parts of the first world are using it already.

Safe in Lightning?

Yes, it is safe because it provides lightning to travel directly to the ground with less resistance that can cause damage or fire.

Do steel buildings rust?

No. Steel framing members are coated with enhanced zinc and aluminium coating, which protects the steel from corrosion.

Can pictures be hung on steel walls?

Yes, pictures can be hung on steel framed walls with self tapping screws directly to the steel stud.

Will steel framing interfere with radio, television or cell reception?

No. Waves pass through the space between studs, as with conventionally built homes.

Will steel framed building look different than others?

No. A steel framed building or home is 100% compatible with all standard building finishes. You can have your desired look for your dream house.

Is steel cost efficient?

Yes, fabricated load bearing members ensure high quality for reasonable prices, shorten the construction period, reduce the labor costs, steel is long lasting.


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